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2 oz body mist women's

2 oz body mist women's

SKU: 2023061245

Introducing our exquisite 2 oz Fine Mist Body Spray, now available in a luxurious rose gold and pink glass bottle. Lightweight and handcrafted with precision, this body spray is a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Our Signature Collection features five captivating scents:

- **Sweet Southern Summer**: A refreshing blend of sun-kissed florals and citrus.

- **1983**: A nostalgic mix of classic and contemporary notes.

- **Petals of Elegance**: A sophisticated bouquet of blooming flowers.

- **Enchanted Garden**: A mystical fusion of nature’s finest aromas.

- **Monarch**: A regal scent that exudes confidence and grace.

Elevate your senses and indulge in the elegance of our Fine Mist Body Spray. Perfect for on-the-go refreshment and all-day allure. 🌸✨

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