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The Story of Bekah's Bath Works

Best in the Business

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to Bekah's Bath Works. My name is Rebekah, Bekah if you want, I am the owner of this fabulous shop! I really wanted to stop for a moment and thank you for stopping by and learning about my story. About why I chose to create natural and skin safe products. At first it started out as gifts for my children who all have different skin types. Varying form dry to oily. One of my daughters ( yes, I have three amazing daughters) even has the occasional bout of eczema. 

What started out as a hobby became a full fledged selling in person business. Friends and family noticed what I was doing and wanted to be customers for my natural products. 

Not gonna lie and say that I am here to tell you what to do because I am not. I am here to create an experience that you will enjoy.

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